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Family Friendly Sporting Events in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is home to many large companies that attract thousands of employees and their families. During time off, family friendly activities are a great way to bond and learn more about the large city. Great ideas for teaching kids to appreciate health and fitness is by taking them to various sporting events.

Some peanuts and apple jacks

The number one sport for kids to watch is baseball. Home of the Cincinnati Reds, the Great American Ballpark is rich in history. One of the first ballparks, families can explore the Reds Hall of Fame, statues, mosaics and explore the luxurious Super Suite. Fun for a day out, families can root for the home team.

Go pro

On a nice fall day, families can enjoy watching the Bengals play at the Paul Brown Stadium. Watching a pro football game in person is exciting for many kids. At these games, kids can watch their favorite players punt, tackle and run into the end zone.

Never 'board'

Kids and families alike can enjoy the fun they experience at Ollie's Skate Park. With celebrity events, tournaments and classes for any level of experience, families can enjoy a great time watching or even participating in this sport.

So much to do

Sportsville is an all-inclusive fun sports complex. With batting cages, volleyball nets, mini-golf, an arcade and more, everyone in the family is sure to find something they love. Both kids and adults can enjoy everything Sportsville offers.

Aside from parks and museums, families can have fun finding lots of sporting events to attend in Cincinnati.