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Free Entertainment in Memphis

You do not need a lot of money to find something interesting to do in the bustling southern city of Memphis, Tennessee. With its rich culture and musical history, Memphis is full of all sorts of exciting events. Whether your favorite activities include visiting historical sites or enjoying nature and fresh air at the park, you are sure to find many fun and free activities to stay occupied in Memphis.

Museums and historical sites

Founded in 1819, Memphis has a rich history, and because of this there are many historical sites and museums to visit; some of which are free. Go on a statue tour in Memphis and visit famous statues of Elvis Presley, BB King and other famous musicians who got their start in Memphis. You can also visit the 175 year-old bust of Andrew Jackson in the Shelby County Courthouse. Visit the Crystal Shrine Grotto in Memorial Park to view beautiful religious artwork, or stop by the Art Museum of The University of Memphis to view the exhibits.

Beale Street

Lively and historic Beale Street is covered with historic buildings, live performers, and it also includes a Walk of Fame where Memphis' finest musicians are remembered. Beale Street is home to Memphis' oldest running business, A. Schwab's Dry Goods Store, which looks almost the same as it did when it opened in 1876. Explore Beale Street and enjoy the live performances, such as the dancing Beale Street Flippers or music of traveling musicians.

Other activities

Many businesses offer free activities on certain days or at certain times. Ghost River Brewing Company tours are free on Saturdays and the Memphis Zoo offers free admission on Tuesdays for Tennessee residents. Many museums also offer free admission at certain times. Check with these attractions to find out the exact times.

Something new happens everyday in the lively city of Memphis, Tennessee. Enjoy the rich history of Beale Street or the view of the Mississippi River while you leave your wallet at home. Everyday there is something new and exciting, so keep a look out for spontaneous events while you are visiting Memphis.