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Local Favorites - Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Taste the best local flavor when you visit Colorado Springs. The restaurants of Colorado Springs offer variety, elegance and fun. Choose from a wide variety of restaurants, offering a great selection of different types of foods.


Choose Mackenzie's for elegance. Mackenzie’s Chophouse, located in the historic Alamo building with its stone walls and soft lighting, has some of the best steaks in town and also has delectable martinis.

Something Light

In the mood for something light? Pike’s Perk Coffee and Tea House can satisfy your desires. It may look more like a warehouse than a Starbucks, but the street view can provide hours of people-watching, while munching sweet pastries, chatting over a cup of the finest specialty coffees, or working on your laptop.


Despite its location in the far West, Colorado Springs still has some great European food options. Consider LaBaquette for enticing, mouth-watering French pastries and croissants. You can also pick the Edelweiss Restaurant, which continues to offer schnitzels and sauerbratens more than 30 years after its opening. The Edelweiss has decorations as authentic as its menu, with artifacts from all over Bavaria. It also has a strolling band on weekends.

Local Western Fare

You certainly cannot get more Western than buffalo! Choose Wines of Colorado if you want a great vacation restaurant that can provide wonderful vacation memories. It has patio seating with a view of the mountains and you can listen to the babbling mountain brook that flows right next to the patio. The local fare includes bison burgers with green chilies. As its name suggests, this place also offers wine tastings, and you can even buy some bottles to take home.

Colorado Springs has a restaurant for every taste, budget and occasion. Choose fine dining, local fare or international. You cannot find better variety or atmosphere than dining in Colorado Springs.