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Places to Eat in Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee is known for their musical heritage and southern hospitality, but visitors should not forget to enjoy the city's fine cuisine. Like any larger city, there is a variety of styles of foods from which to choose. Finding the right restaurant for your personal tastes should never pose a problem when enjoying the fine food of Memphis.

Everyone loves a good pizza

The beauty of pizza is that each part of the country, and the world for that matter, can create a unique pizza that reflects the community to which it is served. Ferraro's Pizzeria and Pub brings the Memphis touch to pizza by serving up thick-crusted, hearty pizzas with styles like BBQ Chicken and Porky Pig Pie.

When in the south, enjoy southern cooking

Nothing beats enjoying a home-cooked, southern meal, and Memphis offers plenty of chances to do just that. Alcenia's Southern Style Cuisine is among the most popular options for this style of cooking. The owner, B.J. Chester-Tamayo, would not think of letting you leave without a hug, and the food tastes just like it came out of a southern woman's kitchen.

When you think of Memphis, think of barbecue

More than any other style of food, Memphis is associated with barbecue. B.B. King's Clue Club combines the best in Memphis barbecue with the finest blues in the country. The dishes served here are exactly the way B.B. King likes them, and the entertainment is sure to please you.

The quality of food in Memphis matches that of any city in the world, and the down-home style of cooking makes it unique. Eating at these fine restaurants leaves you full and satisfied. When you are looking for places to eat in Memphis, remember to look for restaurants that match the culture of the city.