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Popular Sporting Events in Colorado Springs

The most popular sporting events in Colorado Springs, Colorado, are easily summed up in a single word: Olympic. Home to both the United States Olympic Committee and the United States Olympic Training Center, it is no wonder residents of this beautiful city are full of energy every two years.

Unites States Olympic Committee

Take a tour of this awesome building, and experience some of the history that started there. Feel the excitement that lives in the hallways; decades of Olympians have walked those same halls after victorious wins -- and crushing losses. The pictures alone in this place are enough to occupy your time for hours, but the tour certainly gives you plenty to ponder.

United States Olympic Training Center

Security at this fantastic location is almost as tight as at the White House. That is no wonder when you consider how much this country values and respects its Olympic participants. Take a look at some of the new equipment they have, and gain a glimpse into the life of these American heroes.

The fun-filled city of Colorado Springs is guaranteed to provide you with hours of entertainment. Remember to make sure some of that time is spent touring two of the most amazing sports facilities in the nation: the United States Olympic Training Center and The United States Olympic Committee. Both of these buildings and tours are sure to leave you with much to talk about. Visit Colorado Springs soon and take your family or friends on the tour with you!