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Things to See in Memphis

Memphis features rich culture, history and entertainment, so whether going for a day or a week, no visitor finds a shortage of things to do.


No trip to Memphis ends until visitors have walked through the open doors of Elvis’s beloved home, Graceland, named after his mother. Restored to the full luxury of the King, Graceland offers multiple tours and destinations, so visitors can enjoy every aspect of his life. See the Jungle Room, where his daughter, Lisa Marie, once played. See the massive collection of gold records, still the largest in the world, and check out the gun range, where Elvis shot his collection of handguns. Museums, stores and even his private jet, labeled with the TCB and lightning bolt right on the tail. Whether a new fan or a decade's old one, Graceland provides hours of entertainment and reverence for the most famous rock artist ever.

Memphis Belle

This famous B-17 bomber was the first in US history to fly 25 missions with its crew intact, one of the most successful (and luckiest) planes in military history. Completely restored to pristine condition, this bomber is now experiencing a full restoration effort, polishing and priming every bolt and panel on the aircraft. The small museum located on Mud Island still contains relics from the famous craft.

Learn more about the rich, historical culture of Memphis whether looking for the history of rock and roll or World War II.