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Top Colorado Springs Attractions

With a population of less than half a million, Colorado Springs retains a touch of the unspoiled atmosphere of the original West. Formed out of the thirst for gold in the 1800s, Colorado Springs celebrates the traditions of exploration and frontier life. Nestled in sprigs of mountain forest, Colorado Springs contains many attractions for couples or entire families.

The Pioneer's Museum

Mining in Colorado Springs was a major part of the history, and the town memorializes those events with the Pioneer's Museum. Starting with the Pike's Peak find and Cripple Creek discovery decades later, millions of settlers came to the West and the museum displays maps, drawings and artifacts from that period.

Colorado Springs downtown

For those who enjoy shopping, the Colorado Springs downtown area features hundreds of shops and restaurants. Several theaters and tourist information centers share the story of this historic area, which contains the city's rise high-rise buildings. When too much shopping makes adults thirsty, they can stop by the Bristol Brewing Company, a microbrewery just outside the downtown area.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Animal enthusiasts find the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo exciting. Only two mountain zoos exist in the US, and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo contains animals native to the climate and region and from around the world. Among the unique additions to the zoo are the okapi, mountain tapir and naked mole rats.

Whether taking a family vacation out West or enjoying a romantic honeymoon for two, Colorado Springs features the best entertainment, shopping and history in Colorado, tucked against the mountain landscape of the Rockies.