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Top Shopping Spots in Philadelphia

The cosmopolitan city of Philadelphia holds many treasures for shoppers looking for fashionable and stylish items. In addition, Pennsylvania law holds no provision for collecting taxes on clothing sales, making purchases more affordable to consumers. Downtown Philadelphia has thousands of retail stores to visit. So, browsing for a unique item you desire is a delightful task.

Rittenhouse Row

Many well-known stores have locations in Rittenhouse Row. Here, you can find upscale, mainstream clothing stores, jewelers and boutiques interspersed with restaurants, galleries and spas. This large retail district may require you to do a lot of foot travel. You should prepare to wear comfortable shoes.

South Street

If you are looking for eclectic items, you may prefer the South Street shopping district. Shops in this district specialize in avant-garde, bohemian and classic fashions. Here, you will likely find items with lots of personality. Visiting this district provides an excellent opportunity to observe diverse sub-cultures.

Food and textiles

Those who appreciate old-world craftsmanship would do well to visit Fabric Row and the Italian Market. Fabric Row holds many elite and historic textile stores. If you want high-quality, raw cloth for clothing or decoration, put Fabric Row on your itinerary. You can find artisan-made breads, cheeses and charcuterie alongside fresh vegetables and fruits. These districts allow you to revisit the joy of hand-made goods.

Shoppers enjoy Philadelphia for its retail diversity and high-quality commodities. A well-planned trip to any shopping district in the city will be remembered for years for bringing a smile to the face of everyone involved.